High School Activities and Sports: 10 Dynamite Tips to Build College Application Resumes

As you start high school, plan activities and sports that will make you look your best to the college you eventually want to attend. If you have many talents and interests, be sure to keep your grades up, and achieve at high levels in your activities.

Starting in the 9th grade and working through the 12th grade, some of the special classes and activities that show you have special talents and abilities include:


Join the staff of the yearbook or the school newspaper staff. Enter writing and essay contests. Compose speeches for contests and debate tournaments.

Art, photography and Drama

Enroll in special design, drawing, painting, ceramic, and pottery classes. Act in school plays, musicals, and in community theaters. Work on the photo staff of the yearbook or the school newspaper. Publish in city or local newspapers. Win awards at local art shows and county fairs.


Participate in school orchestras, bands, choirs, madrigal groups, musicals, junior symphonies, summer music camps, music award competitions, and church choirs.


Join the radio, science, math and engineering clubs. Participate in regional and national math tournaments and science competitions and fairs. You can win prizes and awards. Subscribe to science magazines or read them at the library.


Be an active team player in the events you like best. Follow a regular training program to develop above average skills.


Join Future Farmers of America, FFA, or 4-H Clubs. Enter state and county fairs to gain awards, prizes, and recognition.

Home Economics

Work hard and compete for awards and prizes at county, state and national fairs. Offer to help a local business in your area of interest.

Technical Arts

Volunteer for experience at auto and body shops, metal shops, manufacturers, and engineering or architectural firms. Schools offer job training through Regional Occupational Programs, ROP, work experience, often for credit, or apprentice training programs.


Participate in Future Business Leaders of America, FBLA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, DECA, Junior Achievement, and Regional Occupational Programs. Try working in the Work Experience program or as a summer intern to see if you will really like a particular career.


Become an Eagle Scout, or join clubs such as Junior Statesman or Key Club. Apply to be a legislative page. Work for your senator, congressman, assemblyman, city councilman, or for local civic and charitable organizations.

Keep track of your high school courses and activities A scrap book for newspaper clippings and awards will give you a wonderful diary for your future life, and will help you fill out your resume your senior year.